Christmas Greetings
Dec 182014

Every now and then (too often), we are getting here a comment, email, or other posting of a freebie surfer (always them!, that alone says everything! :shock: ) who leaves rude remarks (here or elsewhere). Sometimes even after YEARS of having benefited from our NON-profit site without ANY consideration at all.

Why? Because for once it's the visitor (a GUEST) who is pissed off about something. Something that I find so ridiculous to be pissed off about that I couldn't even waste a thought on that, had that GUEST not left her/his rude remark. Yeah, I know, that GUEST just wants me to get as pissed off as (s)he is, but how cheap is that? Well, that's how such GUESTS behave after all.

Going forward, we all here(!) will simply reply to such GUESTS with a link to this post with this image:

happiness sucker


:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:


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