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Archive starting 19 Oct 2017

MyGermanShepherd.Org Periodical email template

19 Oct 2017 MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG said goodbye to the MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL in the form of a free curriculum of progressively more advanced content that has served our subscribers so well for many years.

three-choices emailsWe now send out a simple email with three link choices of general content that is the same for everyone regardless of state of knowledge.

So now here we can maintain an archive for anyone interested. Including captivating data on free subscriber interest. rolleyes Check out where we start split-testing! That speaks for itself.

YYMMDD: Open rate - Click rate

171019: 24.0% - 6.9%

171021: 20.4% - 5.0% (testing sending frequency...)

171023: 19.3% - 3.5%

171025: 19.0% - 4.0%

171027: 18.7% - 2.5%

171029: 19.3% - 2.9%

171031: 27.6% - 13.8%

171102: 21.3% - 3.8%

171104: 20.7% - 3.5%

171106: 20.8% - 2.5%

171108: 19.3% - 3.0%

171110: 20.5% - 5.4%

171112: 18.9% - 2.8%

From now testing open and click rates... Because I always felt that there was a marked difference in engagement between those who subscribed before end of 2013 vs those who subscribed from beginning of 2014, when we had our first attempt at a facebook page and saw people coming from fakebook.

YYMMDD: Open rate - Click rate (subscribed before 2014) <> Open rate - Click rate (subscribed from 2014)

171114: 27.4% - 2.9% <> 17.8% - 2.8%

171116: 28.5% - 7.5% <> 16.6% - 3.0%

171118: 32.6% - 16.7% <> 22.7% - 10.3%

171120: 23.5% - 2.5% <> 15.8% - 1.5%

171122: 22.7% - 7.6% <> 16.8% - 4.2%

171124: 23.1% - 4.2% <> 16.9% - 3.0%

171126: 28.4% - 8.5% <> 17.9% - 5.3%

171128: 20.4% - 2.6% <> 17.7% - 2.4%

171130: 26.4% - 3.0% <> 16.9% - 2.3%

Wow, what a difference in engagement, consistently! And what makes this even more remarkable: Those who subscribed before 2014 (the ones with the much higher engagement) have had almost all the content that is being sent out - at this difficult time where on top of everything else I have to try to get us warm by insulating the thow asap! And yet they open and click the emails so as not to miss any of the new content that I add whenever I find the time. While those who subscribed from 2014 (the ones with the poor engagement rates that you see above) are both blissfully unaware of the content AND don't care.

No problem! Being always curious, investigative, I am just wondering WHY this difference in engagement, WHY this difference in interest? Can maybe you explain that?














This next one is for Pat, and anyone with a similar challenge:
Pat: "Hi, Topic:
Female GSD is very loving to our older male Manchester Terrier during the day. But during the night when they go down the hallway to the bedroom, she will wait for him but sometimes will go after him and they get into a tussle. Other times at night in close quarters she will do the same.
I haven't been able to figure it out. Unless this is payback for the several months he growled and snapped at her when she was 9 months old and a new dog after our doberman passed away.

>> I suggest you refresh how you perfom this - this will help, Pat - Let us know in the comments there?



Before I forget: This NEW 3-choices style of the MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL you've now received for 3 months. Click rates show that the ORIGINAL Periodical with ever more advanced curriculum style content subject to subscribe date was loved more.
- Is that correct for you? Can you hit reply here, or comment under the respective post here?

Get your dog to behave SO WELL that you too can leave your dog alone at home with FREE run of the house to guard every corner of your home:




Again, please can you say what you like more? This NEW 3-choices style of Periodical, or the ORIGINAL curriculum style with progressive content subject to subscribe date? Any opinion welcome!
- Hit reply here, or comment under the respective post here

For Eileen and anyone with similar interest: "why do GSD get bored so easy?" - I'd say because of this?



This one is for you to relax and to enjoy. The next one though might keep you on your edge, so controversial it is again - if you follow what's fashionable?



Did you share your dog ('s photo) ??


Proud of your dog? Annoyed by your dog? Who is your dog??


Show me yours, I show you mine


And whoooo is YOUR dog's lookalike, hm?


Early on, Maureen and I found out here that our dogs are siblings, no?

Lookalike dogs


And?? How many times have you uploaded your dog yet?


Dog Photo Calendar? You name it!


Dog Photo for Symptoms Analysis? You name it!


Dog Photo Competition? You name it!


Dog Photo Love Story? That too!


Proud dog owner? Or ashamed? Whatever, go here, go now.


Keep boasting with your fantastic dog


Sooo many dogs here, and sooo few photographed?


One dog a day. Today it's YOURS! smile


First: The NEWS!

Did you present your dog yet? As long as you CAN?

So then: What is "the logic of dog ownership", you may wonder?

It's this:

Not to forget: What's in the bowl today? Have you shared this with your dog? - It's of course Real Food 4 Real Dogs, yeah right! smile

These are very close to my heart, as you can imagine. After all, it's about "safeguarding this breed as it was meant to be". Right.



Please check this out again, very much worth all your attention today, before the coffee break. Or during?

And the obligatory One dog a day. Today it's YOURS! smile




Do you remember how Christmas felt when you were a kid?
This is how I feel today! Why?
Because after three months of hard work, I finally feel relieved and content: What I thought "IS NEVER POSSIBLE!!!"... I finally was able to achieve:

Your dog site is now as FAST as Google and your mobile device requires it! smile
And 100% responsive in its design too.
Enjoy! smile

If you can look beyond your dog(?) here is the story: How we became the F.A.S.T.E.S.T Dog Knowledge Base too!






You want to show off YOUR dog too?


So, last week I got told but I don't like to go hiking with my dog!...
There's always the one, isn't it? wink
So here are more spring time opportunities to build a better relationship with your dog - and all the while get some FUN into your life...

Also, someone raised "so now you informed me about dog trauma, but how would I know if my dog has a trauma?"
Seein' is believin': It was right below what I sent out last week! smile
Your second chance is below as well:


So many dogs... but where's yours??

Sure the cause is NOT fleas? What to do? Next!


Follow up from last week: Identified the cause of all the dog's scratching is NOT fleas?

So many dogs... where's yours??


Follow-up from two weeks ago, where we stopped: Say you found out the dog's scratching is not caused by fleas...
and not caused by an infection...
then you check:

Only for those who read that much (or scrolled down that far), the rest won't have interest anyway: Here's what I've been up to while you were doin' whatever: What Tim has got to do while you can enjoy life with your dog doh!




It is SO strange with the subscribers of this particular website (and apparently only here, elsewhere they comment even on the hair color of another one's poodle!) - you get here the health GEMS that literally can save your life and your dog's life, and even the GEMS don't have a single comment. Oh dear!












adult GSDWill you give back a bit today?

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