Mar 302013

News - Update

  • The FOURTH KDP Promotion (oh yes!) for you to get Tim's books FOR FREE is this weekend: MARCH 30 TO April 3 (ONLY!)
  • This is for the Adult Dog Training IN A NUTSHELL: Success in 12 min! - Dog Lover's Reference Guide
  • This is the extended book version of what you got/get as short pdf as a member
  • Again, note that a Kindle device is not needed, FREE Kindle Reading Apps available here:,,,,,,
  • In accordance with Amazon's T&C we must not give you Tim's books at any other time
  • So make sure you download each book while we run the promotion - pl no complaints later! - After each promotion the book prices will adapt to fair value!
  • You are welcome to tell your relatives, friends, colleagues, and fellow dog lovers to download the book for free too - this will bring/keep you in their good books ;-)



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