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Since so many of you are searching for German Shepherd toys, we decided to showcase one complimentary MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL, namely Edition #2: Top 6 Toys that German Shepherds LOVE. Enjoy!


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    I love your stuff. You recommended a how to teach your dog dricks on amazon book but I ca'n't find it - do you know which one I mean. i can finally afford it. Thanks, Marjo N>


    I've been through so many different toys from pet stores looking for toys specific to my GSD's likes. Now I know what they enjoy. Looking through these toy suggestions first would of saved me some extra money! :) Glad I found your site!


    I have also been through a ton of toys. My pup has decided he likes balls and squeaky toys. The louder the squeaker, the better. I ordered the Varsity Ball when I discovered it--my Shepherd was 10 months old, maybe too old to introduce. He was scared of it, now he just ignores it. I wish I would have discovered that ball when he was much smaller.


      Tiff, reintroduce the ball the right way. It's a bit trial and error since I don't know your dog, but maybe this works:

      Take the ball outside and DON'T give it to him. Get him excited about getting the ball from you (as so often, being the accepted Pack leader is a MUST for this to work). Make it a theater play of not wanting to give up this ball under any circumstances, while you are having fun with tossing it around. NOT looking at your dog like "want to have this?", but ignoring him pretty much as in "this is mine!".
      Try the above twice at least, on different days.

      If it's THEN still not enough, go a step further: All as above, but take a small ball with you as well. Toss that small ball to your dog. Keep the Varsity ball to yourself. Again, demonstratively enjoy having the ball to yourself.

      You can go ever further with this (ie. associating a dog to an item. Any item). Eg:
      Toss him a food treat (last step). Show him that you don't care about food treats, BUT about your Varsity ball!
      I doubt you'll need this last instance. ;-)

      Hope it helps!


    Hi Tim, thanks for the advice! I did try to offer the ball to my other dog, Juney (border collie) because usually when I do that, my pup wants whatever Juney has. It didn't work because Juney wasn't interested.
    I will take your advice and keep the ball, run around the tree with it, keeping it from him and see if that works. He loves all balls that he can carry with him. His chew drive is HUGE.
    If that doesn't work, I will take your next step.
    Another question? Do you think it is safe for him to jump really high trying to catch a ball/bubbles at 1 year old? I worry that he is going to hurt his hips/joints before he is full grown by literally flying through the air to get to his ball. His parents were imported from Slovakia. Just trying to show genetics.

    Last question for now? How can I join to pay membership fee's. Your advice is worth fee's to me!!
    I appreciate you!!


      Tiff, first, if "He loves all balls that he can carry with him", then yes, all effort may be fruitless. The Varsity ball is too heavy and too big to carry, so then he may not like it exactly for this reason. I didn't know of his preferences when I replied earlier. Some dogs don't like to carry anything in their mouth, other dogs don't like anything they can't carry in their mouth. Maybe your GSD is an exemplar of the latter? :-)

      Next: No Tiff, pl don't make him jump too much, basically at any age (GSDs weren't bred for jumping, a common misconception), and particularly not before 8 months (yours is older, I know, but for others who read this). A bit of jumping is fine (keeps them happy), just don't stimulate high jumps (long jumps are fine: as herding dogs, GSDs are made for this). You are right that when he comes down from a meter or so above ground, he will over time ruin his hips, other joints and ligaments. Then when he's 3 yrs, you may already face vet bills for that. When he's 8 yrs, he's in pain (or sooner). When I throw the Floppy Disc, it's gonna fly low over the ground (a meter or so). Same amount of FUN for the dog, but healthier (and easier to see, look at the Periodical what dogs see).

      Last: Ha! It's not yet ready Tiff. We are still busy with getting things set up properly. It's not easy. I'll send out an email about it, I forgot. But the first paid add-on will be the Dog Expert Interview Series. So basically, no one shall pay anything for getting what they are used to get, it's just that those who want to get MORE can soon choose so, and that's then paid (finally). Not much anyway, just the normal average people pay on audible to get an audio book.


        Hi Tim, I really do appreciate your quick responses!
        I do not like to give up so I am going to attempt whatever I can do with that darn Varsity Ball. I like it, therefore I feel like he should like it. :) ha, I know, that is funny.
        I am always on the hunt for indestructable balls. Haven't found one yet that he hasn't destroyed, besides the VB.

        Thanks for the jumping advice. I will keep the ball throwing to a miniumum meter or lower off the ground.

        I was curious about the paying membership because I am the far and few that does not do social media, therefore, I didn't know if I had to go through facebook, etc to get to you.

        Thanks for your time, you're AWESOME!


        Hey Tiff, may I ask you sth too? I myself do not see here sth like "send me an email when s.o. replied", but I know if from other sites. By any chance, do you see that here, or how do you/anyone knows about replies?
        (for the new site now I'd like to improve things)

        I am not good with these technical things, and no, I don't use social media either (apart from the rare twitter). We need to find s.o. though who'd do a facebook page for us... (had many tries, none was worth the money!).


    Hi Tim, I do not see anywhere to send an email when someone replies to a question/comment. On your last reply, I noticed that there was not a reply button on that post, so I started a new comment here.
    To be honest with you, I leave your site up all day while I am at work and just hit refresh once in a while to see if there is a response. I know that is not ideal but it works for me for now.
    My daughter practically lives on facebook all day long and she answers all the questions that I have. My breeder also did not do facebook until this last set of puppies she had (had so many she needed help to advertise them). She has a website where she encourages us to send her pics of our pups-- and she "blogs" them for us. So my pup has his own page on her website.
    I will help as much as I can. I am a little saavy when it comes to computers. ;)


      Okay thank you, the webmaster isn't much better than I am, ha. We will need a tickbox for people to choose to get informed after a reply was made. I also want that we get a large beautiful header image up there (initially I was worried about load time, but meanwhile most people I guess have faster net speeds, maybe). Let's see what I find out about the tickbox first.

      Yes, that is nice of the breeder (and for the breeder). And you have some souvenir pics later. I always wanted our GSD calendar page up, but sth apparently never worked. Will all be new soon. :-)
      Thanks again!


    Does the large varsity ball squeak? We have small Poms and are socializing our new rescue GSD slowly. I am worried that the "squeak" instinct to grab and shake will be a bad sound to encourage him to play for. What is your opinion?


      Varsity balls have no squeaker, they don't bounce, they can't be mouthed and chewed, and they are too big for small dogs (although Varsitypets did introduce a "puppy version"). There is no "squeak instinct to grab and shake", neither in the ball nor in (original) GSDs.
      Does this help?

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