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Dog Bite Training


Finally, let's briefly look at dog bite training, because the German Shepherd is a protection dog - even if you didn't get him/her for this reason. In order for the dog to be able to fulfil its role as protection dog for your family and/or your house, it must be trained accordingly. Part of this is German Shepherd bite training.

Let's assume for now that you don't seek to enrol your GSD in Schutzhund Dog Training, Protection Dog Training, or other comprehensive GSD courses or GSD training. What dog bite training can you do?

German Shepherd bite training

First of all, unless you are a studied and experienced dog bite trainer, you should not attempt to undertake your own German Shepherd bite training. The reason is, it is too dangerous if things go wrong.

We don't even mean the moment of the dog bite training itself (that will hurt but you will survive), we mean what your GSD takes away from it for the future. Because if your intimate session of German Shepherd bite training in the garden sets the wrong environment, gives the wrong stimulus, etc then you may unknowingly have sowed the seeds of German Shepherd aggression and future destructive behavior and danger.

Dog bite training should always be left to professionals. If you can't afford that, don't do it. We don't get paid for saying so, it's just common sense. Even if you think you've watched 20 hours of dog bite training video and read 5 books on the topic, you are far from being a professional dog bite trainer, really. So, don't even consider it.

When your German Shepherd is being bite trained, the professional dog trainers will use protective armour and repeatedly simulate a controlled attack with a stick in an observed environment. The dog is then gradually being trained to bite with force into the (protected) forearm of the handler's deputy, to hold on to its targeted attacker even when the attacker tries to shake off the dog, and not to loosen the bite until the handler shouts "Out!".

Any such training will not start before your German Shepherd hasn't continually proven to fully and instantly obey all relevant obedience commands during prior German Shepherd dog training sessions or, more specifically, German Shepherd obedience training classes. To read more, make sure you are subscribed to the free MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL.

Did you notice above that we used specific terms?

  • "controlled attack"
  • "with a stick"
  • "in an observed environment"
  • "(protected) forearm"
  • "until the handler shouts 'Out!'"

All these terms clearly mark the enormous differences to German Shepherd Protection Training.

  7 Responses to “Dog Bite Training”


    Hi, I have a 8 month GSD, it doesn’t bark at a strangers (not even a humans) and shake his tail. I feel it is not a good gaurd dog.

    I want a tips to train my GSD with good gaurd and protective


      Many US bred GSDs do not have much guarding trait, so don’t expect a miracle to happen.
      Also, depending on your upbringing, he may still develop more protective instinct with age, at 8m he’s still a pup.
      Next point to consider is, are you his accepted(!) Pack leader? Apply our Periodicals incl. Puppy Training Essentials.
      Finally, if you still want more, this is a high-end(!) protection dog training book.


    i have a 4 years old male german shepherd and it is already obidience,but i wanted him to lean about protection..
    but the trainer told me my dog was not enough aggresive..so what should i do before i start the course?


      I would bin the “trainer”! A protection dog may not be aggressive! So there, you would still have a chance to train your dog right.
      HOWEVER, an obedience-trained dog will not make a good protection dog either. So there you did sth wrong if you want him to become a Protection dog. You may be able to undo what has been done, but it will take more effort.
      One thing for sure, if you somehow try to “make the dog more aggressive”, you will never make him a reliable protection dog, and you ruined your dog-human relationship. So: I wouldn’t go down that route, if I were you.
      Our (free) members receive hundreds of lengthy Periodicals – on Protection Dog Training too (but later, as the basics have to be done first!)


    My shepherd is 3 yrs. old. She has become aggressive and has bitten two people who have come in my yard. They were not strangers. What can I do about her aggression?


      You can do (and should do) a LOT. First would be to receive and follow the guidance in our Periodicals of course. I’d had done that long before the dog starts biting. It can now hardly get much worse, can it?
      Preventing is SO MUCH easier than curing.
      Let me know when you are ready, and I’ll point you to the necessary Periodicals.

      PS: Oh, and Bite Training page? No, here you are totally wrong – unless you meant how can you get your dog to bite more people? ;-)


    Hi Tim. Just signed up for your website 3/28/14. Our baybee dawg is 13 months and almost a half month. She bit me on the thumb yesterday; broke skin on both sides of my thumb. I was cleaning off her feet because it’s Spring time and the ground is a little bit muddy right now. As much as I hate to admit it…I spanked her on her butt, she quickly exited the room to the bedroom however she came out about 20 minutes later and I loved on her. Her daddy walks her minimum 5 days a week, she goes to doggy daycare 2-3 times a week. She always has water and dry food available to her. She has been crate trained however she does have a bed next to our bed which she sleeps in often. Athena has had less than 10 potty accidents since we adopted her-7 weeks old. She is a barker…poor neighbors come home and she barks at them.

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