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German Shepherd Biting


German Shepherd biting is a sensitive topic. Depending on the upbringing and training of your dog, it is possible that dog biting is an issue at some point in your dog's life. In that case, if you don't deal with it in an educated way, and straight away, it may become very dangerous for you and others because of the strength and will-power of a German Shepherd.

However, German Shepherds are not prone to biting, as many photos of a German Shepherd with fledged teeth would suggest. Since its beginnings over a hundred years ago the German Shepherd has been a wonderful, loving, caring, and sensitive companion for millions of families - without any instance of uncontrolled dog biting whatsoever.

The key really is the right upbringing including German Shepherd Puppy Training, the right living environment, and the right German Shepherd Dog Training throughout its life. With these three factors intact, a German Shepherd will be your best, safest, and most reliable friend for life.

Over time we discuss all aspects of German Shepherd biting in the MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL, but let's briefly raise the relevant areas of dog biting here. The principal concerns are:

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    i have a 3 year old german shepherd who has never been agressive unless someone comes into the house who has not been there before. but i took him out with my doberman and he turned he was so aggresive he tried to attack a pitbull, he bit the owner then tried to go after her husband luckly i know them and no-one was really hurt but what could have caused him to act like that hes normally really attentive


      >what could have caused him to act like that hes normally really attentive

      Countless things, Jasmine.
      – Is he neutered?
      – Who’s the accepted Pack leader?
      – How did you behave in the past when “he became aggressive when someone new entered the house”?
      – How is the relationship with the doberman?
      – How did you behave when he bit the lady?

      I fear there is a LOT wrong, and without being a member I doubt you’ll be able to fix it. I know that applying the House Training Guide (see left) would help, but you may not want to get that either. In that case, your best bet is to apply at least our Feeding Routine, to the letter, thus that you become his accepted Pack leader ASAP.

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