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German Shepherd Health

dog health manual

German Shepherd health problems, indicators, and remedies are fully covered in the site-owner's unique 75+ DIN-A4 pages MYGERMANSHEPHERD Health Manual - The 31 Most Common German Shepherd Ailments and Treatments AT A GLANCE.


For copyright reasons, here on the site we only showcase a few excerpts from this invaluable manual that is so crucial to every German Shepherd owner and handler.

However, as subscriber to the free MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL you'll receive a free copy of the MYGERMANSHEPHERD Health Manual - The 31 Most Common German Shepherd Ailments and Treatments AT A GLANCE - which is otherwise on sale for $24.95.

What is not hyperlinked below, is in the MYGERMANSHEPHERD Health Manual nonetheless.

Content of the MYGERMANSHEPHERD Health Manual:*

Important Introductory Notes to The MYGERMANSHEPHERD Health Manual
1. German Shepherd Dehydration
2. German Shepherd Hip Dysplasia (Hip Deformity)
3. German Shepherd Elbow Dysplasia (Elbow Deformity)
4. German Shepherd Bloat or Gastric Torsion
5. German Shepherd Digestive Disorder (Gastroenteritis, Pancreatitis, etc)
6. German Shepherd Anal Infection (Perianal Fistula or Anal Furunculosis)
7. German Shepherd Panosteitis (Bone Disease)
8. German Shepherd Arthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)
9. German Shepherd Ear Infection (Canker or Otitis Externa)
10. German Shepherd Eye Infection (Conjunctivitis, Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis, etc)
11. German Shepherd Dental Disease or Gum Inflammation (Periodontitis, Gingivitis, etc)
12. German Shepherd Paw Thickening (Interdigital Cysts, Pyoderma, and Granuloma)
13. German Shepherd Hind Leg Weakness (Posterior Paresis, Paralysis)
14. German Shepherd Blood Disorder (von Willebrand's Disease)
15. German Shepherd Lumbosacral Stenosis (Cauda Equina Syndrome)
16. German Shepherd Bacterial Skin Infection (Dermatitis or Hot Spots)
17. German Shepherd Immune System Disorder (Hypothyroidism)
18. German Shepherd Epilepsy
19. German Shepherd Skin Allergies
20. German Shepherd Tumor (Malignant Neoplasm or Hemangiosarcoma)
21. German Shepherd Non-Infectious Eye Problems
22. German Shepherd Diarrhea
23. German Shepherd Degenerative Myelopathy (Degeneration of the Spinal Cord)
24. German Shepherd Heart Muscle Disease (DCM, SAS, Heartworm)
25. German Shepherd Obesity
26. German Shepherd Bladder Infection (Urinary Tract Infection or Cystitis)
27. German Shepherd Soft Tissue Trauma or Soft Tissue Damage
28. German Shepherd Diabetes
29. German Shepherd Vomiting
30. German Shepherd Kidney Failure or Chronic Renal Failure (CRF)
31. German Shepherd Kennel Cough or Infectious Tracheobronchitis
Recommended Reading

Remember, you don't need to buy the MYGERMANSHEPHERD Health Manual - The 31 Most Common German Shepherd Ailments and Treatments AT A GLANCE for $24.95, because as subscriber to the free MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL you'll receive a free copy of this unique MYGERMANSHEPHERD Health Manual!

* Note that the most current edition of the MYGERMANSHEPHERD Health Manual is the book itself. We do not update the online content here so that we have another way to identify so-called "content scrapers" in the Internet (who illegally copy our work and publish it in their own name on their own websites)...

... Another reason why you too should indeed register for the MYGERMANSHEPHERD PERIODICAL, so that you will get the most current edition of the  MYGERMANSHEPHERD Health Manual as a welcome present - among many further presents, all of which shall help you to build and retain the BEST relationship with your GSD!

  8 Responses to “German Shepherd Health”


    This book is brilliant!! I’ve only had it a couple of weeks and have referred to it quite a few times now for peace of mind! Fantastic thank you.


    I’ve registered for the periodical and get them e-mailed to me. What do I need to do to get a free copy of the Health Manuel?


    Thanks, a must read for all GSD owners/lovers!! Can’t get enough of this kind of brainfood for my Heidi!

    ps…I just became an official MEMBER!!! and love the first interview straight away! All should do the same; well worth the pennies. Thanks again Tim, keep up the terrific work.


      Thanks Debbie, you got my email ;-)
      Just realizing, you posted here on GSD Health page, I always forgot to write it somewhere: The Interviews and Reviews actually cover pure health topics too, yes, it’s not all training related.
      Although there is a mix in some Reviews anyway, the first purely Health Interview and Review will be #4. :-)

      I can’t say much yet but I assume one couldn’t even BUY that knowledge and information even if the dog owner visited (and paid) three different vets!
      Obviously without my Reviews that won’t become apparent though.


    Some great tips and advice for treating skin conditions. Sammy has been to the vets several times but the treatment only lasts a short while. I will be trying your suggestions and hopefully Sammy will be on the mend soon. Thankyou



      I hope so too Teresa. Just keep antibiotics away, apply the antiseptic three times a day, and tell me how it goes.

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