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Sep 242012

Let's start with the USA - only because the statistics are more readily available.

How many German Shepherd dogs are there in the USA?

In the USA alone there are about 78.2 million dogs, and about 4.6% of all AKC registered dogs are German Shepherds. This gives over 3.5 million German Shepherd dogs in the USA alone! - Assuming, for simplification, that the proportion of German Shepherd dogs to total dog population of the AKC-registered dogs roughly is the same for the UNregistered dogs - which probably is a fair assumption for the USA.


How many German Shepherd dogs are there in the world?

Taking the figures for the USA as a basis and considering the breed registrations in other nations, it wouldn't surprise us if there are way more than 10 million German Shepherd dogs globally!

Various independent sources suggest that GSDs are the most popular breed in the world. At the moment we can't undertake more research to investigate this claim, but we like to believe it anyway. ;-)

So be it! Regardless how many GSDs there are in the world exactly, they are the most popular breed.

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    german shepherds are awesome.

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